2024 Legend Car Rules

(Subject To Change)

Car and Body:
The complete Inex sanctioned rulebook will be followed for all competing cars.

General Procedures:
Raceceivers must be run at all times and may be tested by a track official at random.  If you do not have your raceceiver on or it is not working properly you are subject to the black flag until it is working correctly. The track raceceiver frequency is the standard default 454.000.
1.  A maximum of 15 cars will be allowed on the track at one time.  If this is the case, the practice round will be divided up equally in time ex. 10 min per round becomes back-to-back five-minute rounds. 
2.  Transponders must be on at the beginning of practice, if it is not on or not working you will be black flagged until the issue is resolved.
1.  If there are less than 15 cars, round 2 of practice will be deemed your qualifying round.  If there are 15+ cars you will be added into the euro qualifying round and broken up into groups of 5 for 4 complete laps per group.
2.  If there are 21+ cars qualifying will determine the first 15 on time, the remaining cars will compete in a 15-lap B-Main with the top 5 cars advancing to the A-Main.
3.  Transponders must be run and in good working condition, if your transponder does not pick up you will be black flagged to address the problem and given another opportunity to make a qualifying effort. There will no longer be any hand timing if the transponder does not pick up.
Race Procedures
1.  The leaders will be given 2 opportunities at a clean start, with no jumping, no brake checking, not keeping up with the pace car, etc.. These decisions will be made by the race director at his own discretion.  Once you have had your 2 opportunities, both cars on the front row will be sent to the rear of the field.
2.  You will be given a maximum of 3 attempts to start your car under your own power.  If you are required to be pushed off on a fourth attempt you will be black flagged until the problem is resolved.
3.  At the start of the race we will have a Raceceiver check where your car will be called at random and if you do not acknowledge the race director you will be sent to the pits and restart at the tail of the field to start the race. The track raceceiver frequency is the standard default 454.000.
4.   If you are involved in 3 cautions over the course of the race, you will be retired and placed in the finishing position that you are awarded at the end of the race based on total laps run.
5.  All A-Main events will be 20 laps or 30 minutes whichever comes first.  All B-Main events will be 15 laps or 12 minutes whichever comes first.
6.  All standard race procedures will apply to all competing cars which can be found on our General Rules page of this website. 

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